• Heart of innovations

    "Zhiguli valley" technopark in the sphere of high technologies is a territory of integration of science, education, financial institutions, enterprises and entrepreneurs, public authorities for the purpose of providing support to projects and companies working in the sphere of high technologies at all stages: from idea to the final product release in the market.

  • How to become a resident

    We'll involve more than 100 successful and breakthrough companies! Perspective startups. Skilful leaders of innovative business. Would you like to be among them? Become a resident – exchange your experience, find customers and asssociates, join in global projects

  • Infrastructure

    67 608 000 billion nanometers of modern office, laboratory and production premises! Places for exhibitions, conferences and other events! 7,9 hectares of reserved area!

  • Means of residents support

    Lack of money is not the reason to stay idle, it's the consequence of idleness. Time, useful contacts, status, financing sources – there are many items of project success formula. And we know how to apply it.

  • Technologies of the future

    185 projects in the sphere of innovations and high technologies are implemented in technopark. 172 residents are each day engaged in development and deployment of new technologies and products in our life.

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